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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

because i need something new to look at. and because he's so dang cute. this was taken last summer, but you get the idea...pj lately
:: just over 4 feet tall
:: 3rd grade grad
:: currently reading the Fablehaven series
:: super helpful older cousin
:: basketball pro
:: lover of all things psp

this little guy is such a charmer. he is constantly impressing me with his ability to make friends wherever he goes, his cheerful attitude and go-with-the-flow personality.
he rocks my socks.


Megara said...

He IS super cute and we are SUPER excited to have HIM and YOU here! I am reading the most recent Fablehaven right now. I may have to call and chat with him about it since I don't know anyone my age who has read it ;)

Nicea said...

Sweet. What a total cutie! What's not to love, right? Could we borrow him for awhile?

Sherry Carpet said...

one of my favorite PJ moments was yesterday when we were coming out of the yogurt shop (sugar high, anyone?) and he asked if he could "go run over there" where there was an open spot in front of a vacant store. sure, PJ. go run. and he did, back and forth, back and forth...smiling like a maniac. i love that guy.

Jana Brookes said...

What a cute boy! Wish he could teach Logan a thing or two about have a go with the flow, easy going attitude!

Shawn said...

Oh, I love that photo. Yes, I think he is a most delightful young man! Tell him hi from Auntie Shawn.

Mona said...

Oh, and I am the lucky Granny...I look forward to talking to him and finding out the latest Pj "pearls of wisdom". Love, love the picture. So grateful he has loving people around him.

Emily said...

yes he does... love that kid.

Megara said...